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Moreover, a majority of the interviewees indicated that the writing produced on the essay tests that they had used generally failed by a large margin to satisfy the standards of a decent first draft for any other assignment. This finding, in addition to the previously developed suggestion of a divergence in the skills and processes involved in timed writing and other forms of writing, further challenges White’s assertion that timed writing should be regarded as first-draft writing. Dr. Schwegman, for instance, freely admitted that the writing submitted for final examinations was often “atrocious” in quality, and Dr. Clayton related that she would expect students to spend far more time than that permitted in essay examinations on the first draft of even a short paper. For a piece comparable to one on the AP tests, where a student might receive approximately 40 minutes per essay, Dr. Rinard estimated that a student might require anywhere from one to three hours to produce a draft of reasonable quality. Continued on Next Page »   1 2 Next » Cite References Print Albertson, Kathy, and Mary Marwitz. “The Silent Scream: Students Negotiated Timed Writing Assessments.” Teaching English in the Two Year College 29 (2001): 144-153. 6 May 2012 .

Timed writing essays

timed writing essays


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