The metaphysical poets essay

Late additions to the Metaphysical canon have included sacred poets of both England and America who had been virtually unknown for centuries. John Norris was better known as a Platonist philosopher. Platonic ideas had earlier played their part in the love poetry of others, often to be ridiculed there, although Edward Herbert took the theme of “ Platonic Love ” more seriously in his poems with that title. [18] But in the poetry of Henry Vaughan, as in that of another of the late discoveries, Thomas Traherne , Neo-Platonic concepts played an important part and contributed to some striking poems dealing with the soul’s remembrance of perfect beauty in the eternal realm and its spiritual influence.

The Bronte sisters were perhaps better known for their romantic novels but their poetry, especially that of Emily Bronte , has received more critical acclaim in recent years. Many have suggested that her works were a reflection of the difficulties women of that period faced. Other significant female poets include Elizabeth Browning and Christina Rossetti . Christina Rossetti in some ways could be viewed as a more typical Victorian poet. Her poetry reflected her deep Anglican faith and frequently pursued themes such as love and faith.

The flagship literary journal of Tucson,  Sonora Review , is one of the oldest student-edited journals in America. Founded in 1980 as a biannual print journal, it’s still produced twice a year by students in UA’s MFA Program. A well-known special issue paid tribute to Arizona alum and former Sonora Review editor David Foster Wallace, and covers feature work from the extensive local art scene. Sonora Review  curates a reading series with established authors such as Sean Lovelace and Mark Neely and upcoming talents at bars like Club Congress, sponsors literary events that raise awareness about border issues, and facilitates workshops in area schools.

The metaphysical poets essay

the metaphysical poets essay


the metaphysical poets essaythe metaphysical poets essaythe metaphysical poets essaythe metaphysical poets essay