The chrysanthemums essay titles

June 16, 1942 — San Bruno, California. Supper time! Meal times are the big events of the day within an assembly center. This is a line-up of evacuees waiting for the "B" shift at 5:45 pm. They carry with them their own dishes and cutlery in bags to protect them from the dust. They, themselves, individually wash their own dishes after each meal, since dish washing facilities in the mess halls proved inadequate. Most of the residents prefer this second shift because they sometimes get second helpings, but the groups are rotated each week. There are eighteen mess halls in camp which, together, accomodate 8,000 persons three times a day. All food is prepared and served by evacuees.

“The Chrysanthemums” Essay
1. Introduction
In John Steinbeck’s short story “The Chrysanthemums” the fighting for equal rights are depicted though the character of the Elisa Allen. Women are generally considered to be the weaker sex and men’s subordinates. I say that without any grain of approval or disapproval- it is just the way things happen in our world. There is an opinion that women and men are not socially equal, as men usually work and earn money, and women take care of the house and children, but it is unfair to think so. The equality of two sexes is not in what people do, but in how they feel in doing what they choose to do. And women are often trying to destroy stereotypes that they are the weak sex by doing hard men’s job and trying to become more independent in their decisions and judgments. They are not trying to understand themselves and to find their own identities, but just to do what the society does not expect them to do. So, in “The Chrysanthemums” John Steinbeck talks about Elisa character, her endless energy, inner potential and her frustration with her present life and how the author implies symbolism to reveal those traits of character.

The chrysanthemums essay titles

the chrysanthemums essay titles


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