The aeneid essay questions

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In the book, The Aeneid , there are a lot of examples of order and disorder that makes it clear that good creates order and evil encourages disorder.  While Aeneid and his men were in search for the place to build Rome, Juno, a goddess who hates them creates a big storm that throws them off course to Italy, which in time will cause a lot of disorder.  And, when they get back on track on accomplishing their goal, she turns the Latins into their enemy that causes a war between them.  And, of course, that makes disorder within itself. Importunely, order is put back into place when Aeneid kills the main Latin. Another example of order is when Aeneid’s mother makes Dido fall in love with her son so that Juno would not have him killed by her.  Therefore, in this book, order and disorder are distinguished by good and evil which makes it clear that one creates the other.

The aeneid essay questions

the aeneid essay questions


the aeneid essay questionsthe aeneid essay questionsthe aeneid essay questionsthe aeneid essay questions