Term papers plagiarizism

"No one can eliminate plagiarism one hundred percent of the time. What one can do is to implement a proactive and visible program to deter plagiarism and encourage academic honesty." - Dr. Barbara Glatt Since 1990, Glatt Consulting Services has assisted academic institutions with Plagiarism Forensics. Our consulting services include developing policies and procedures to deal with issues of academic dishonesty and plagiarism. Areas that we address include: issues of intent, definitions of infringements, establishing due diligence safeguards, developing appropriate sanctions and providing re-education procedures.

We understand the issues and know how to approach, analyze and work towards a comprehensive resolution. How important do you value protecting your school’s academic integrity?

Term papers plagiarizism

term papers plagiarizism


term papers plagiarizismterm papers plagiarizismterm papers plagiarizismterm papers plagiarizism