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Proponents of EFT and other energy psychology therapies have been "particularly interested" in seeking "scientific credibility" despite the implausible proposed mechanisms for EFT. [3] A 2008 review by energy psychology proponent David Feinstein concluded that energy psychology was a potential "rapid and potent treatment for a range of psychological conditions." [13] However, this work by Feinstein has been widely criticized. One review criticized Feinstein's methodology, noting he ignored several research papers that did not show positive effects of EFT, and that Feinstein did not disclose his conflict of interest as an owner of a website that sells energy psychology products such as books and seminars, contrary to the best practices of research publication. [14] Another review criticized Feinstein's conclusion, which was based on research of weak quality and instead concluded that any positive effects of EFT are due to the more traditional psychological techniques rather than any putative "energy" manipulation. [10] A book published on the subject of evidence based treatment of substance abuse called Feinstein's review "incomplete and misleading" and an example of a poorly performed evidence based review of research. [15]

While traditional information technology strategies tend to focus on long-term road maps and budget forecasts that extend years into the future, digital strategies tend to rely on short-term, month-to-month road maps that are tied to actionable items and measurable business objectives. To be successful, the strategy should place focus on where the company value chain is vulnerable to disruption and could be made stronger and more economically viable from a digital reboot. One of the challenges for establishing a digital strategy is to figure out which services should be done in-house, which services should be outsourced to a third-party provider and which services require customization in order to be effective.

In some companies, the CIO is in charge of both customer-facing initiatives and the back-end infrastructure that supports them. In other companies, however, a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) may be appointed to create and execute strategies and provide management with data that demonstrates how digital initiatives are adding value to the company. Either way, a digital strategy should be customer-focused and address ways to improve the company's social media footprint, organic search results, customer engagement and brand recognition. It should also include strategies for reputation management. Useful digital tools for evaluating the success of a digital strategy include Cognos , Compete, Alexa , Google Analytics , Facebook analytics and SproutSocial.

Techniques definition essay

techniques definition essay


techniques definition essaytechniques definition essaytechniques definition essaytechniques definition essay