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Speaker Jim responds to AC:

Although there are some sub-fields or particular kinds of research in social anthropology that require quantitative methods, the field as a whole is usually seen as having a qualitative approach, specifically, an ethnographic approach to research.

In evaluation there has been a long history of "culture wars" about the relative superiority of quantitative or qualitative research methods. Some of the leading academics in the field have proclaimed that those wars are over--but word has not reached some of the troops.

Overall, there is a bias toward quantitative methods in evaluation research; nevertheless there are many opportunities for qualitative researchers who can synthesize discursive text or create compelling (and relevant) narrative from interviews, focus groups, and open-ended survey questions. The skills needed for that work are perhaps similar to those required for certain kinds of literary criticism. The principal criterion of success is pragmatic: do your clients find the reports relevant and useful to their needs?

Ah, yes. There are always evaluation reports (and sometimes evaluation-based articles). The ability to present evaluation findings in a clear and interesting manner is rare. That in itself might be the foundation for building one's own niche in the field.

Professional research paper template

professional research paper template


professional research paper templateprofessional research paper templateprofessional research paper templateprofessional research paper template