Poverty in sierra leone essay

At the beginning of July 2000 the United Nations Security Council decided to impose an 18 month ban on diamond exports from Sierra Leone , recognizing that diamonds have been fueling the conflict. The RUF has been mining diamonds and selling them to fund their weapons purchase and other activities, including human rights abuses . These diamonds have been sold around the world sometimes unwittingly, sometimes knowingly by various diamond corporations. However, with this Security Council resolution various parties are attempting to commit to it as well.

The initial rebellion could have easily been quelled in the first half of 1991. But the RUF – despite being both numerically inferior and extremely brutal against civilians – controlled two-thirds of Sierra Leone by the year’s end. The SLA’s equally poor behavior made this outcome possible. [25] Often afraid to directly confront or unable to locate the elusive RUF, government soldiers were brutal and indiscriminate in their search for rebels or sympathizers among the civilian population. After retaking captured towns, the SLA would perform a ‘mopping up’ operation in which the towns people were transported to concentration camp styled ‘ strategic hamlets ’ far from their homes in Eastern and Southern Sierra Leone under the pretense of separating the population from the insurgents. However, in many cases, this was followed by much looting and theft after the villagers were evacuated. [44]

Although the living conditions in Sierra Leone are somehow better than in countries like Burundi and Burkina Faso, the poverty and hunger levels in Sierra Leone today remain all time high compared to other African countries. According to a recent UNDP human development multidimensional poverty index MPI (developed by Oxford University), Sierra Leone is among the poorest countries in the world today with about percent of its total population living in poverty. Please note: the multidimensional poverty index views poverty from several different angles rather than just the usual GDP figures. In addition to GDP figures, the Multidimensional Poverty Index also considers the deprivation of basic necessities such as education, food, water, etc. According to the report, about percent of the total population of Sierra Leone are multidimensionally poor with about percent near multidmenional poverty. In other words, the percent are somehow better than the percent but still poor. Also, about percent of the population are 'severely' poor. In other words, about percent of the total population of Sierra Leone are not just poor but extremely poor.

Poverty in sierra leone essay

poverty in sierra leone essay


poverty in sierra leone essaypoverty in sierra leone essaypoverty in sierra leone essaypoverty in sierra leone essay