Population growth essay writing

China is the largest country by population in the world, being home to some billion people. China is expected to witness a zero population growth rate by 2030. China's population growth has slowed since the beginning of this century. This was mostly the result of China's economic growth and increasing living standards which led to the decline. However, many demographers also credit China's family planning policy , which was formulated in the early 1970s, encourages late marriages, late childbearing, and the use of contraceptives, and since 1980 has limited most urban couples to one child and most rural couples to two children. According to government projections, the work-age population will then drop to 870 million. It was said, in 2009, that the Chinese government was hoping to see zero population growth in the future [16] but, in November 2013, a relaxation of the one-child policy was announced amid unpopularity, reduced labour pool and support for an ageing population. [17]

Table 1 includes the summary of the regression for the all models. Model 1 shows the coefficient estimates on agriculture production growth in all regions, including all the control variables: GDP per capita, Agriculture Raw Materials, Agricultural Land and Polity. The adjusted R 2 for most models is , which indicates that the study does not account for most of the variation of Agriculture Production Growth, but that population growth explains of the variation. In most of the models, the relation between agriculture production and population growth is positive and statistically significant ( p <). As well, all of the models show significant coefficients for Agricultural Land ( AgriLand ).

Population growth essay writing

population growth essay writing


population growth essay writingpopulation growth essay writingpopulation growth essay writingpopulation growth essay writing