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Yet Ernest N. Emenyonu’s claim that the Christian missionaries “convert the people from their old ways and religious beliefs and practises […] by sheer force of an obtrusive dogma” (85) cannot hold. Instead of an ‘obtrusive dogma’, it is the attractiveness of the new faith to all those who found themselves disadvantaged in some way or other under the old one; later on, it is also the attractiveness of the mission school, due to its connection with the colonial government. And although the Christians show some aggressive traits, ‘sheer force’ is always left to the colonial power.

In a free society laws have to reflect the reality of life in a society and to regulate it accordingly, but are not meant to enforce ideological or religion-based life models or to lay down inherited forms of life forever. Above all, society in Germany today is based on the concept of human rights which establish a separation of church and state and religious freedom . If the state turns christian lifestyles into laws that is a violation of the human right of religious freedom. In Germany it is also a violation of the constitutionally established separation of church and state.

Nietzsche, on the other hand, wrote extensively and influentially about morality.  Scholars disagree about whether he should be classified as a relativist, but his thought certainly has a pronounced relativistic thrust.  His famous pronouncement that “God is dead” implies, among other things, that the idea of a transcendent or objective justification for moral claims—whether it be God, Platonic Forms, or Reason—is no longer credible.  And he explicitly embraces a form of perspectivism according to which “there are no moral phenomena, only moral interpretations of phenomena” ( Beyond Good and Evil , 108).   It is true that Nietzsche likes to rank moralities according to whether they are expressions of strength or weakness, health or sickness; but he does not insist that the criteria of rank he favors constitute an objectively privileged vantage point from which different moralities can be appraised.

Polygamy thesis question

polygamy thesis question


polygamy thesis questionpolygamy thesis questionpolygamy thesis questionpolygamy thesis question