Piracy of movies essay

The Disney Vault, by its very name, suggests a long and detailed history associated with the company name. For animation junkies and film fans, a detailed accounting of Disney’s past would be more than welcome on the company’s releases of its animated films. Having this kind of information would, perhaps, not complete the entire puzzle, but it would offer more context and insight than we have now. From a financial standpoint, driving up demand makes sense for Disney. But releasing a select group of films–particularly popular ones, at that–on a delayed schedule that the studio doesn’t even stick to anymore suggests that the Disney Vault’s initial construct no longer serves any purpose. We don’t need multiple versions of Snow White on Blu-ray, especially if each one sacrifices a bevy of supplements in the process. We don’t need the Disney Vault anymore. Bob Iger doesn’t need a literal vault in which to swim through his company’s riches, and neither do we.

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From the very beginning, the monopolistic MPPC was fought by the unlicensed independents (dubbed "pirates" or "outlaws"), led by IMP's founder Carl Laemmle (see below), a Jewish immigrant from Germany. Others who fought the MPPC included Harry E. Aitken ( Majestic Films ), William Fox (founder of the Fox Film Corporation ), and Adolph Zukor ( Famous Players , the precursor to Paramount ). The flexible, stealthy, and adventurous independents avoided coercive MPPC restrictions (the requirement to use only Trust film stock and projectors, for example) by using unlicensed equipment, obtaining their own film materials, and making films on the sly. Soon, they moved to California and opened up a rival film-making industry, where they could be comparatively safe, and there was abundant sunshine for film-making.

Piracy of movies essay

piracy of movies essay


piracy of movies essaypiracy of movies essaypiracy of movies essaypiracy of movies essay