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I purchased a hot air balloon ride for my wife’s birthday after finding Above & Beyond Ballooning through an internet search. This was both of ours first balloon ride and neither of us knew what to expect going into the flight. Everything was fantastic; from the point of the balloon being set up to the time the ride was over and we were enjoying the champagne toast; this was one of the greatest things we have done together. Our wonderful experience was mostly a result of a great job performed by our pilot (Jon) and his ground crew (Patrick). Jon gave us our money’s worth in the sky by taking us to high altitudes so we had a view of more than just the Chester County area, all the way to riding low to grab leaves off the trees. Jon and Patrick’s passion for hot air balloons enhanced our experience and made it that much easier to have a great time. We definitely plan on doing this again some day, and will not hesitate to call Above & Beyond Ballooning again.

I recently was in the market for a low cost acoustic, but did not want to sacrifice sound or playability. I played most of the guitars you mentioned here and ended up with a bit of an odd ball guitar. I bought an Ibanez AC240, solid mahogany top, mahogany sides and back. It has a 45mm nut so has great spacing for finger picking. I just love the mahogany sound of it and the great neck. Everyone who has picked it up and played it has fallen in love with it. I bought it as a practice guitar when on vacation, and it has become my go to guitar. I think they are 299 new, and i bought my on craigslist for 100.

Paul headrick writing essays

paul headrick writing essays


paul headrick writing essayspaul headrick writing essayspaul headrick writing essayspaul headrick writing essays