Passage analysis essay sample

Form and content are significant aspects within any text as the combination of both inevitably produce the final meaning of the text. Meaning cannot be derived if there is no content in which to base a story on and a series of literary techniques such as those present in the prologue of Romeo and Juliet, place an emphasis on this particular content in order to convey the underlying message that Shakespeare is presenting to the audience. In the case of Romeo and Juliet, it is evident that Shakespeare intended the play to be a tragedy based on love, and the prologue spoken by the chorus depicts this clearly. The strong use of literary techniques engages the audience allowing them to become part of and understand the meaning of the storyline and allow empathy for what is happening on stage.

Unlike Jack, Danny and Wendy do not have personal demons. According to their roles they can both be considered as heroes. Wendy for example proved herself a hero by always being a strong woman. She always stayed by Jack's side and supported him as he tried and fought to stay sober. She also fought for her son's life at the hotel whenever Jack got possessed. Danny can also be considered as a hero because he had a talent that enabled him to detect spirits. Even though he could feel the spirits he chose not to tell his father about it because he realized how his job was important to the family. They also proved to be heroes by the tricks they used to fight back at Jack when he was possessed by the ghost that wanted him to kill his family. They locked him into the walk-in pantry. Wendy stabbed Jack and locked herself in the bathroom while Danny used his psychic call for help which enabled Dick to rush and helped them to escape.

Passage analysis essay sample

passage analysis essay sample


passage analysis essay samplepassage analysis essay samplepassage analysis essay samplepassage analysis essay sample