Mayfield high coursework data

The associate degree in HVAC is conferred as an Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) as a function of the school’s courses and accreditation parameters.  A typical associate degree program will take student’s 2-years to complete for full-time matriculation and longer for part-time students in the program.  Foundational classes will look very similar to classes in a technical certificate program plus liberal arts classes such as English composition , communications , physics , and psychology to help students think differently about the world around them and equip them with critical thinking skills.  Students may see additional science-bases classes along with green energy coursework as the industry evolves along with technology.

While in Christian service working with drug addicts, Mr. Harris received formal training and was ordained as a minister. He then became a director of a large therapeutic drug rehabilitation center in the United Kingdom and started several charitable trusts in the field of addiction. In the UK Mr. Harris would work the streets of the West End of London counseling people on their addictions, particularly the young involved in the drug scene. In addition to being involved with a day center, halfway house, and night shelter he was also an advisor to the UK government in the field of addictions and prison reform.

Mayfield high coursework data

mayfield high coursework data


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