International business and domestic business essay

The Master of Business Administration qualifies you for a full scope of professional opportunities with international and transnational corporations. Graduates can work in export companies, the public sector, international banks and companies with subsidiaries abroad. Most employers offer attractive salary packages. The responsibilities assigned to a professional include leading projects related to international business. In the economic sector there is an enormous spectrum of career opportunities for management graduates with various specialisations.

Consultancy is another remunerative career for international business professionals. An international business consultant is responsible for various aspects of business development and market information for international companies. Graduates of our MBA programme can start as country managers representing a company in a foreign country. A country manager’s job involves working to manage operations, develop business and increase the profitability of a company in a specific region or country.

Furthermore, you have a post-study work option ** in Germany because in order to offset a shortage of skilled labour, the German government grants international graduates, who have spent their last semester in Germany, a job-search visa of up to 18 months . You are entitled to a settlement permit after only two years if you have a German university degree and a full-time job in a suitable field. Provided you have a minimum gross annual income of currently € 47,600 or € 37,128 in shortage professions you can apply for the “EU Blue Card” temporary residence title in Germany.

Part One lasts three semesters. Students are taught in internationally-mixed groups at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL Berlin) where they not only learn the fundamentals of business administration but also the principles underlying other disciplines such as economics, law and the social sciences. In Part Two, the focus on business strategy, internationalisation and the specialised area offers a solid preparation for working in an international company or organisation. During this phase, students also select their specialisation. They can choose between “Marketing” or “Finance and Accounting” or “Global Supply Chain and Operations Management and Human Resource Management and Organisational Design” streams.

International business and domestic business essay

international business and domestic business essay


international business and domestic business essayinternational business and domestic business essayinternational business and domestic business essayinternational business and domestic business essay