How to add quotes in essays

Welcome! Browse away to your amusement, and feel free to add some quotes yourself. If you like or dislike a quote, vote with the + and - links. If you feel that the quote doesn't deserve to be in the database at all, click its [X] link next to it; while the quote will not be removed from the database immediately, it will be resubmitted for review, and it is possible that it will be removed. Questions? Comments? [email protected]

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| 2017-02-28
Queue now at zero. Fixed PHP encoding issues that caused some quotes to not be displayed. Changed voting button behavior to popup instead of browsing away. Blocking the popups will not affect your ability to vote.

NEW CONTENT ROLLING IN! So, this time we really fixed modding. We also changed the behavior of the "latest quotes" function to display the most recently approved quotes, irrespective of the order it was submitted.

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How to add quotes in essays

how to add quotes in essays


how to add quotes in essayshow to add quotes in essayshow to add quotes in essayshow to add quotes in essays