Good titles for diversity essays

Host an annual cultural appreciation day event at your workplace. Here you give employees downtime to welcome each others' cultural backgrounds through display boards, activities and food. Ask each staff member to post something that reflects their culture on their door or desk with a statement that summarizes what it is such as a map of Spain and a statement that reads, “My family is from Spain, and each year we take a trip back to visit old friends.” During lunch, allow everyone to bring in a food dish that represents their culture even if it’s a deep-dish pizza from the new guy from Chicago. Allow staff to express their differences in appropriate ways without imposing restrictions on what and how they choose to share.

Nicole Cooke and her followers want librarians to become “social justice warriors”? As a student, I always preferred using libraries to going to my k-12 and undergraduate college classes because I could educate myself instead of being preached to by some pompous jerk. Fortunately, thinking for one’s self was encouraged at Columbia University’s former School of Library Service where I received my doctorate. Unfortunately, I soon found that most of my colleagues in schools of LIS were less accepting of ideas they did not consider politically “progressive” enough. When I taught classes in LIS, my lists of suggested readings usually paired material with opposing opinions to encourage students to think and decide for themselves. This approach was not popular among either students or faculty so I became the director of a university library and insured that opinions of all sorts were represented. It is unfortunate that American schooling in general has degenerated over the decades, and that schools of LIS are now speeding their rate of decline. One see this in the readily apparent dismissal of intellectual freedom and ” balanced collections” in most libraries one visits. Right now (Sept. 2017), American librarians who want to be
“activists” should be fighting Google’s politically tendentious policies.

Good titles for diversity essays

good titles for diversity essays


good titles for diversity essaysgood titles for diversity essaysgood titles for diversity essaysgood titles for diversity essays