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(8) Once they have found homes and organized committees to begin repairing the damage to the city, the people of Boulder begin to rebuild. (9) They find survivors with the training and knowledge to get the electricity, which had gone out when there weren’t enough people left to operate the power plants, running again. (10) This enables them to refrigerate food and use lights and appliances in their homes; these were the first steps toward returning to the “old” (., pre-Apocalypse) ways of life. (11) The book subtly points out that the same progress that allowed humanity to live in such comfort and convenience before might eventually lead once more to society’s downfall. (12) Similarly, this theme is addressed in Marge Piercy’s novel Woman on the Edge of Time .

Ged essay writing guide

ged essay writing guide


ged essay writing guideged essay writing guideged essay writing guideged essay writing guide