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In March 2011, an article in Wired magazine stated that Dugan held stock in RedXDefense, her previous firm. In accordance with DoD policy, Dugan disclosed and recused from matters involving her former firm. A DARPA spokesperson stated that Dugan had no involvement in a 2010 contract award to RedXDefense, and that the contract was vetted by the agency’s top lawyer to assure there was no conflict. Subsequently the LA Times and Wired reported that her company had received around $ in DARPA contracts and that Dugan held a promissory note from RedXDefense in the amount of $250,000. [34] Others have argued that the Wired reporters' accusations are unjustified. [35] In August, 2011, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense(DoD) began an investigation to ensure the procedures had been followed, and to examine DARPA's general policies on conflict of interest as well as a specific concern that DARPA Director Regina Dugan retains financial ties to her former firm, which has won some $6 million in contracts with the agency, $ million of which was awarded prior to her position as Director. [36]

Lewis-Stankus, Sara Jane.  A study of the relationship between leadership styles of principals in smaller learning communities, the number of structures and strategic configurations, and the rates of student success of 9th-graders.   Thesis, University of West Virginia, 2007.  http:///books?id=K7H5JoKCavwC&pg=PP1&lpg=PP1&dq=sara+jane+lewis-stankus&source=bl&ots=s41rjyJnF3&sig=FNg2938SQf-9j_3eXpSbo5jkCeQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=-2bYUZKWFJL84APiwYCQCA&ved=0CCwQ6AEwAA  

In 2015, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation rolled out a new tool to make this judgment easier, fairer, and more efficient. The tool was developed by studying the actual results of million cases across the country, and it allows judges to enter the charge, criminal history, and age of the arrestee, then get a scientific, real-life assessment of the wisdom of either holding him or letting him remain at home until trial. This avoids subjective unfairness, jailing’s potentially toxic effects on people’s lives, and unnecessary taxpayer expense for housing inmates.

Etd thesis virginia tech

etd thesis virginia tech


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