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Throughout this article you have seen that there is more than one way to map object schemas to data schemas – there are four ways to map inheritance structures , two ways to map a one-to-one relationship (depending on where you put the foreign key), and four ways to map class-scope properties .  Because you have mapping choices, and because each mapping choice has its advantages and disadvantages, there are opportunities to improve the data access performance of your application by changing your choice of mapping. Perhaps you implemented the one table per class approach to mapping inheritance only to discover that it’s too slow, motivating you to refactor it to use the one table per hierarchy approach.

An essential feature of religious experience across many cultures is the intuitive feeling of God's presence. More than any rituals or doctrines, it is this experience that anchors religious faith, yet it has been largely ignored in the scientific literature on religion.

"... [Dr. Wathey's] book delves into the biological origins of this compelling feeling, attributing it to innate neural circuitry that evolved to promote the mother-child bond...[He] argues that evolution has programmed the infant brain to expect the presence of a loving being who responds to the child's needs. As the infant grows into adulthood, this innate feeling is eventually transferred to the realm of religion, where it is reactivated through the symbols, imagery, and rituals of worship. The author interprets our various conceptions of God in biological terms as illusory supernormal stimuli that fill an emotional and cognitive vacuum left over from infancy. 

These insights shed new light on some of the most vexing puzzles of religion, like:

The good news is that is still reasonably agile: remember, agility is situational. At first, you only need a high-level, loosely detailed schedule; the details are identified throughout the project JIT . Similarly, at first your estimate will involve a large range (if "greater accuracy" is needed, provide a figure closer to the top of the range and hope for the best) which will be narrowed down as the project progresses . The end result is that based on your actuals you will update your estimates throughout the project, narrowing the estimate range over time. These narrowing estimates are referred to as a "cone of uncertainty", a phrase coined by Barry Boehm.

Essays about comparing parents

essays about comparing parents


essays about comparing parentsessays about comparing parentsessays about comparing parentsessays about comparing parents