Essay on terrorism in easy words

The communist movements which resort to force, and the armed protests which Netaji subhas Chandra Bose led, in the name of eh Indian National Army () cannot be termed as terrorist activities. Protests like Khalistan Movement carried on earlier in Punjab, the armed protest marches of Assam and the . Movement of Sri Lanka are not justifiable movements. They could always use other forums of a non-violent nature if they have any grievances to be redressed. The hijacking of the Indian Airlines Plane in December 1999 is also another ugly face of terrorism. The worst type of terrorism was that of Idi Amin of Uganda who let loose terrorism in his country to serve his personal ends. Whether terrorism is justified or not, it has of late become the normal method for achieving one’s ends.

This act has also affected neighboring Pakistan. With Afghanistan under attack, people fled to the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan through the heavily porous border betweenAfghanistan and Pakistan. With million of refugees in Pakistan, the country became riddled with camps and unrest. Seeing Pakistan as an ally to the United States, the terrorists began bombing the urban centers of Pakistan – all of which has resulted in people of Pakistan cowering in their homes. The economy and vitality of Pakistan as a nation has been severely compensated due to the war on terror, and starvation isn’t unheard of. The economic growth Pakistan had been enjoying came to a standstill, and people even began to fear getting out of their homes. Thus, terrorism has adversely affected Pakistan is a lot of ways.

Essay on terrorism in easy words

essay on terrorism in easy words


essay on terrorism in easy wordsessay on terrorism in easy wordsessay on terrorism in easy wordsessay on terrorism in easy words