Essay on rickshaw puller

The post has garnered a lot of support and comments by people who share a similar view. “Really shameful…but this is what Indian media is all about…they forget that whoever has reached that position has done so on their individual merit and if IAS IPS were interested in exposing themselves they would have selected modelling and not this reputed profession..woman’s beauty is her intellect notface value,” reads a comment.
This is not the first time Joseph’s name has come up with respect to gender issues. In 2015, a picture of her’s showing a junior officer holding an umbrella for her went viral, for which she was criticised on social media. Then again, she became a topic of social media controversy when she asked the Ernakulam MLA to take a photograph of herself with actor Nivin Pauly, which she later posted on Facebook. Joseph’s supporters say that both incidents were blown out of proportion just because she is a woman.
Whether the speculation holds any merit or not is difficult to say, but the IPS officer’s critique on media seems to have definitely touched a chord with people.

The details and the role of Reiner in seizing Godse vary by the source. According to Frank Allston, Reiner stated that "Goodse stood nearly motionless with a small Beretta dangling in his right hand and to my knowledge made no attempt to escape or to take his own fire... Moving toward Godse I extended my right arm in an attempt to seize his gun but in doing so grasped his right shoulder in a manner that spun him into the hands of Royal Indian Air Force men, also spectators, who disarmed him. I then fastened a firm grasp on his neck and shoulders until other military and police took him into custody". [48] [6] [E] According to Tunzelmann, Godse was seized and pummeled by Reiner. [49] According to Khalid Gauba, Reiner was the "unsung hero" and had he not acted "Godse would probably have shot his way out". [50] Reiner was standing in the front row, states Pramod Kapoor, and he seized and held Godse till the police arrived, but his name only appeared in some American newspapers. [51] According to Bamzai and Damle, during the assassination trial, the government did not call American Marine Herbert "Tom" Reiner who caught Godse or the nephew of then Congress Minister Takthmal Jain of Madhya Bharat ministry (1948), as well as many others. [41]

Vitiligo-Lips is one of the other drivers Balram encounters in Delhi. His lips are marked by vitiligo, a skin disease that affects many poor people in India and causes a lightening of skin pigment. Vitiligo-Lips serves as a sort of guide to Balram in Delhi, introducing him to city life, answering his many questions, and giving him access to a variety of illicit products ranging from Murder Weekly magazines to prostitutes. Since most of the other chauffeurs and servants in Delhi mercilessly tease Balram and make him an outcast, Vitiligo-Lips is crucial to Balram's survival.

Essay on rickshaw puller

essay on rickshaw puller


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