Essay global warming kids

Hurricanes develop when warm air rises above the surface of the ocean, allowing cooler, circulating air to swirl in and take its place. The cooler, circulating air grows warmer and begins to rise as well – and a hurricane is born. The warmer the ocean’s surface, the more quickly it warms the air directly. This causes faster air displacement and stronger hurricanes. According to James Elsner, a meteorologist with Florida State University, the wind speed of hurricanes has increased significantly since 1981. Elsner attributes this change to warmer ocean temperatures due to global warming.

It is not just the liberals and environmentalists who are taking climate change seriously. Historically conservative institutions (big corporations such as General Electric and many others such as insurance companies and the military) are already planning on how to deal with global warming. Many of my friends high in the oil companies tell me of the efforts by those companies to get into other forms of energy, because they know that oil will be running out soon and that the effects of burning oil will make their business less popular. BP officially stands for “British Petroleum,” but in one of their ad campaigns about 5 years ago, it stood for “Beyond Petroleum.” 36 Although they still spend relatively little of their total budgets on alternative forms of energy, the oil companies still can see the handwriting on the wall about the eventual exhaustion of oil—and they are acting like any company that wants to survive by getting into a new business when the old one is dying.

IF THIS BRINGS US TO OUR KNEES NOW, WHAT WILL IT BE LIKE IN 20 YEARS?? TODAY, I OUT OF EVERY 4 CHILDREN IN THE USA GOES TO BED HUNGRY EVERY DAY! IT IS BECAUSE OF EXCESS POPULATION, STUPID! in 1800 the USA had 23 million people, now 311 million in 1800 the World had 1 billion people, now 7 billion Each time we consume natural resources, we destroy the environment, pollute and expel CO2. It is that simple. TODAY, 3 new people are born for each one that dies, watch this: http:///world-population/ However, this is unsustainable, as the planet's ability to provide for us has reached its tipping point. Chief Scientist for the UK warns, that in ABOUT 20 years, we face a PERFECT STORM : PROF. Beddington VIDEO http:///2/hi/science/nature/ G Kaplan, MD, President http:///

Essay global warming kids

essay global warming kids


essay global warming kidsessay global warming kidsessay global warming kidsessay global warming kids