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The last source of international law is the general principles of the law. General principles as defined under Article 38 may refer to legal principles, which are common to a large number of municipal law systems. Legal principles are always aimed at filling any gaps witnessed in both treaties and international customs. This implies that it supplements the other two sources of law by ensuring effective principles of law are upheld by all national around the world. General principles of estoppel and equity are the common ones that are applied in the use of general principles around different countries of the world. [18]

The federal government sets a tone, and you will hear complaints from several states that the new administration has had a chilling effect on state legislatures. When the attorney general instructs federal prosecutors to charge the maximum, as Jeff Sessions has done, when his response to a national opioid epidemic is to yearn for a revival of a discredited 1980s anti-drug program, that sends a message to state legislators contemplating new approaches — and a warning to states that have legalized marijuana. So far, since the new sheriff arrived in Washington, reform measures have lost momentum in Kentucky and Oklahoma. An advocate involved in the reform battles in both states said of the rhetorical barbs from the White House and DOJ: “To say that those things haven’t had an impact on the environment is just incredibly naive.”

Essay criminal procedure

essay criminal procedure


essay criminal procedureessay criminal procedureessay criminal procedureessay criminal procedure