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So I just tried this recipe and it was a total fail. I followed your directions to the letter, was very excited to churn today and it was a no-go. Something happened to the flavor between when I mixed and heated the ingredients to after I chilled them. It came out of the fridge with a very off-putting flavor. I know what your thinking and yes my milk products were fresh and the peanut butter was brand new Peter Pan brand. When I put it in my machine I thought it might have been too much, and I should have gone with my instincts. I use my trusty Cuisenart and that little guy who never lets me down, but this was too much for him. Even if I had gotten it to churn properly I would have had to pitch it because of the flavor. I thought I’d leave a comment because it looks like everyone just commented on how good it looks. If you have a regular machine I would cut the recipe in half (or skip it, like I am, and find a different recipe). I think the heating of the peanut butter might be the issue. Sorry to be a debby-downer!

Elizabeth blackwell hero essay

elizabeth blackwell hero essay


elizabeth blackwell hero essayelizabeth blackwell hero essayelizabeth blackwell hero essayelizabeth blackwell hero essay