Effective project teams

A complete workbook for forming, assessing, developing, and deploying successful project teams

In today's business environment, effective project management teams are more important than ever. Developing a winning team can be the critical difference between success and failure. The right team can help ensure that a development project is completed on time and within budget, but it can be very difficult to match the right strengths and personality traits when assembling a team.

Written by bestselling author Robert Wysocki, this book offers a new and unique approach to developing project teams that will help you select the best team members. You'll learn how to treat the development of the team just as you would the development of software. To accomplish this, Wysocki thoroughly walks you through the key phases of assigning project teams.

He also supplements the discussion with working examples garnered from his years of experience as a consultant to IT and software development project teams.

Designed to help you put together a successful project team, this book:
* Explains how to enhance the effectiveness of the project management team and its members
* Uncovers how to dramatically reduce the risk of project failure
* Discusses how to use the author's project team analysis tools to analyze your own teams
* Provides you with valuable insights into the five typical personality types that most teams face

The CD-ROM contains examples of popular team analysis tools applied to a simulated project team as well as a complete searchable version of the book with links to the author's Web site where you'll find customized project team analysis and additional tools.

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Effective project teams

effective project teams


effective project teamseffective project teamseffective project teamseffective project teams