Drexel presidential scholarship essay

He stated that the results that were being transmitted by IEBC were false because they had been manipulated via a computer algorithm designed to maintain an 11% gap between him and Uhuru’s votes. As such, he proved the votes were not real votes cast by human voters but the outcome of a computer generated formula producing artificial values. This intrusion into IEBC’s system, he further said, affected not just the presidential results but the entire election, including the votes cast for MPs, Senators, Governors and Women Representatives. He called the alleged intrusion “the biggest vote theft in Kenya’s history.” Later while vote tallying was still in progress and the country was awaiting announcement of the final results, Raila revealed that his team had received information from a confidential source in IEBC indicating that results from its server showed him leading with an unassailable 8 million votes over Uhuru’s 7 million votes. Based on this, he demanded he be declared the 5th president of Kenya.

Herbert’s educational background is in psychology, holding a . and an . in clinical psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a . in psychology from University of Texas at Austin. He has served in many positions in his field, including director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program and co-director of the Acceptance-Based Behavior Therapy Program, both at Drexel; acting director of the Student Counseling Center and director of Student Mental Health Services, both at Hahnemann University; and director of Psychological Services at Allegheny University of the Health Sciences.

Drexel presidential scholarship essay

drexel presidential scholarship essay


drexel presidential scholarship essaydrexel presidential scholarship essaydrexel presidential scholarship essaydrexel presidential scholarship essay