Disobeying direct order essay

The Enforcers are the main powerhouse for the Bureau. All of the Enforcers have high Crime Coefficients and are only brought back into society for the sole purpose of exposing and eliminating criminals just like themselves. They cannot do anything without their respective Inspector's approval and face serious consequences for disobeying direct orders. Ginoza describes them as beasts that are used to hunt beasts, saying that they are not human but more like hunting dogs, tracking down the criminals and doing most of the grunt work at hand.

In the "Polybian" army of the mid-republic (338 - 88 BC), equites held the exclusive right to serve as senior officers of the army. [27] These were the 6 tribuni militum in each legion who were elected by the comitia at the start of each campaigning season and took turns to command the legion in pairs; the praefecti sociorum , commanders of the Italian confederate alae , who were appointed by the Consuls; and the 3 decurions that led each squadron ( turma ) of legionary cavalry (total 30 decurions per legion). [28]

According to DiMarzio, Speirs – commanding 2nd platoon, Dog Company – was given orders to halt their attack on Ste. Come-du-Mont and hold position while regimental headquarters co-ordinated a rolling barrage shelling fifteen targets in the vicinity of Ste. Come-du-Mont. 23 DiMarzio, who was lying in a prone position next to the sergeant, says he remembers the sergeant being drunk. As the order to hold position was given and relayed down the line the sergeant refused to obey, wanting to rush forward and engage the Germans. Once again, Speirs gave him the order to hold his position. 24, 25 Speirs told the man that he was too drunk to perform his duties and that he should remove himself to the rear. The sergeant refused and began to reach for his rifle. Speirs again warned the sergeant – who now levelled his rifle at Speirs. Art DiMarzio says he then saw Speirs shoot the sergeant in self- defence. 26

Disobeying direct order essay

disobeying direct order essay


disobeying direct order essaydisobeying direct order essaydisobeying direct order essaydisobeying direct order essay