Different thesis types

If you want to be a pioneer in a specialty area of psychology, a degree in media psychology may be the path for you. This degree is fairly new in comparison to many of the others and it constantly changes with each new social media platform release or technological development. Therefore, graduates have the opportunity to lay a foundation and direct the growth of this discipline for future generations. Media psychology is basically where human behavior and media overlap. These professionals study how people consume, generate, and spread information across media technologies. Media psychologists work in university, laboratory, and private settings conducting research and assessments.

The most common type of index is called market value-weighted index.  What this means is that the index measures the total value of all the outstanding stock issued by the various companies in the index.  The reasoning behind a market value index such as the S&P 500*, is that companies with larger market capitalizations or value will have a larger weighting in the index and will “count more” than smaller companies.  It would not make sense for a very small company to have the same weighting in an index as a large company such as IBM.  One of the drawbacks of a market-weighted index is that sometimes one company or one type of industry can make up a very large portion of the index.  In the technology bubble of the late 90’s, the tech portion of most broad based indices became quite dominant.

Different thesis types

different thesis types


different thesis typesdifferent thesis typesdifferent thesis typesdifferent thesis types