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Mr. Jones’ formal experience with family law began back as a law student at one of the nation’s top-fifteen law schools – the University Of Texas School of Law – where he spent countless hours studying under the instruction of renowned family law Professor Jack Sampson – a titan in the field of Texas family law whose involvement in the drafting of the Texas Family Code has spanned nearly 40 years. A skilled legal writer, Mr. Jones work was published in a leading Texas family law publication before he had yet graduated from law school. In addition to his success in the study of family law, Mr. Jones also excelled beyond the classroom, where, among a number of other roles, he served as chairman of one of the law school’s most prominent political organizations.

I didn’t always believe that my Asian American identity mattered for my faith. Because of the universality of the gospel, I thought that being a Christian meant that my cultural, ethnic, and racial identities didn’t matter. However, none of us can be a Christian in some abstract sense. We belong to God precisely in our ethnic, racial, cultural, and gender identities. Our Christian identity, discipleship, and calling always occur in and through these human particularities.

Anselm of Canterbury stated that theology is faith seeking understanding. Now as then, we all seek God in our world; we ask questions that are pressing to our lives and situations. What are the struggles of Asian American churches and ministries? What are the challenges of Asian American leaders serving in different contexts? What does the good news look and sound like to the broader Asian American community? At Fuller’s Asian American Center, we wrestle with these questions and become equipped to lead others in navigating the future.

Daniel D. Lee, PhD
Director, Asian American Center

On August 22, it was announced that Jones was flagged for a potential doping violation by USADA stemming from his test sample that was collected after weigh-ins July 28. He allegedly tested positive for Turinabol , an anabolic steroid . Jones was placed on a provisional suspension as a result of the positive drug test and he is expected to be afforded a full adjudication process. [62] On September 13, USADA confirmed that the "B" sample of Jones' tested positive for Turinabol. [63] As a result, the CSAC officially changed the bout result to a no contest and the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship was returned to Cormier. [64] On September 18, Cormier, in an interview with TMZ, said he is open to a third fight with Jon Jones after Jones four year suspension is served. [65]

Daniel fuller dissertation dispensationalism online

daniel fuller dissertation dispensationalism online


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