Crossing the bar essay

Some writers have chosen to see a bit of Hallam in the Pilot; after all, reflecting on his friend Hallam's death guided so many of Tennyson’s thoughts about death. But given Tennyson’s cultural context, it is very likely that the identity of the Pilot is the Christian God. Jesus is considered the pilot of the Church and guides the Christian’s life. Seeing God face to face is a Biblical theme. Furthermore, the wordplay of “crossing” a “bar” suggests the cross of Jesus, the transformational event that, in Christianity, enables people to be reconciled to God and reach Heaven, which is beyond the Earth’s “Time and Place.”

The trouble for Lori Collins and her family started the day in early October 2012 when a backhoe plunged into the earth. Lori walked outside her farmhouse, in the East Texas bottomlands south of Paris, to see that her septic system had been torn from the ground to make way for a pipeline. She saw the piping scattered in the dirt on the side of a great trench—the future home of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, which could eventually stretch from northern Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf Coast, carrying diluted bitumen to refineries that will transform it into crude oil. 

Crossing the bar essay

crossing the bar essay


crossing the bar essaycrossing the bar essaycrossing the bar essaycrossing the bar essay