Cleaning up oil spills essay

In 2006, the world consumed more than billion gallons of oil each day [source: . Dept. of Energy ]. Sixty percent of that oil reached its destination by sea [source: Corn ]. Fortunately, due to stricter penalties and better ship design, the number of oil spills has decreased since the oil shipping boom began in the 1960s. Unfortunately, they haven't been eliminated. Between 1990 and 1999, an average of 150,000 tons of oil spilled each year into the world's waterways [source: National Academies ]. 2001 was a particularly bad year, with five spills occurring within the same week [source: Marine Group ].

There are some very rich BIG OIL people that do not want any form of REGULATIONS, for any activity, So NO regulations for DRilling! The Industry can take care of it self! The bottom LINE is that the VALVE SHOULD NOT HAVE FAILRED and that there should have been an alternative plan if the valve failed! The use of the floating containment rings was not intended for the open ocean but rather for local water ways! The bottom line is that DON'T spill oil if You cannot clean it up. This is not YOUR environment to compromise degrade, damage, or destroy! IT is now time to eliminate ALL off-shore drilling Immediately! Why is off shore drilling banned near the California coast? Not AGAIN NOT on OUR WATCH. PICK UP YOUR DRILL RIGGS and GO HOME! YOU FAILED NOT the valveS!!!

Oil spill model systems are used by industry and government to assist in planning and emergency decision making. Of critical importance for the skill of the oil spill model prediction is the adequate description of the wind and current fields. There is a worldwide oil spill modelling (WOSM) program. [75] Tracking the scope of an oil spill may also involve verifying that hydrocarbons collected during an ongoing spill are derived from the active spill or some other source. This can involve sophisticated analytical chemistry focused on finger printing an oil source based on the complex mixture of substances present. Largely, these will be various hydrocarbons, among the most useful being polyaromatic hydrocarbons . In addition, both oxygen and nitrogen heterocyclic hydrocarbons, such as parent and alkyl homologues of carbazole , quinoline , and pyridine , are present in many crude oils. As a result, these compounds have great potential to supplement the existing suite of hydrocarbons targets to fine-tune source tracking of petroleum spills. Such analysis can also be used to follow weathering and degradation of crude spills. [76]

Cleaning up oil spills essay

cleaning up oil spills essay


cleaning up oil spills essaycleaning up oil spills essaycleaning up oil spills essaycleaning up oil spills essay