Charles kuralt life essays

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In 1990, Steinbeck was diagnosed with a ruptured disc . He underwent corrective surgery on February 7, 1991, and died immediately after the operation. [5] In 2001, his posthumous memoir The Other Side of Eden: Life With John Steinbeck was published by Prometheus Books. The book jacket reads: "Left unfinished at his untimely death, this testament to his life is here reconstructed by Nancy Steinbeck. Interweaving her own reminiscences of her life with John Steinbeck IV, Nancy has created an engrossing account from two perspectives: John's memories of his chaotic and adventurous upbringing and her own thoughts on their journey together to make a new life apart from the long shadow of a famous father and a troubled past." The book was co-distributed by the Hazelden Foundation , a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. Publishers Weekly said, "More than a memoir, this is a powerful account of healing and liberation. This book can help many people."

Charles kuralt life essays

charles kuralt life essays


charles kuralt life essayscharles kuralt life essayscharles kuralt life essayscharles kuralt life essays