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The cause and effect essay is a straight-forward paper. It's all about presenting a cause and then detailing the effects of this cause. It is a simple yet elegant weaving of elements. First you need to introduce an event. This could be a trend, a problem, a current phenomenon, an incident or happening, etc. A detailed background on the chosen topic is needed so that the readers can quickly get a solid grasp of the basis of your essay. This is where you lay out the overall design. Once the cause is fully set out and explained, it is time to move on to outlining the effects. The cause and effect essay always needs to thread cause and effect together, to weave them back and forth. So, as you introduce a given effect, link it back to the cause. Knit one, pearl two. It is up to you to show how they are stitched together and this really is the whole point of the paper to help the reader process the connections between the cause and its effects. And here is where we remind you to weave in the strong threads of evidence (citations, references, etc.)

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Causeandeffectessayhelp com

causeandeffectessayhelp com


causeandeffectessayhelp comcauseandeffectessayhelp comcauseandeffectessayhelp comcauseandeffectessayhelp com