Becoming entrepreneur essays

A first-generation American turned entrepreneur, DeJoria is an excellent example of achieving the American dream. His personal story and the companies he created are nothing less than inspirational. He is a socially minded business owner who develops brands around the pillars of sustainability, social responsibility, and animal-friendliness. He is also a member of The Giving Pledge, a philanthropic gathering of the wealthiest families in the world who are all committed to donating the majority of their wealth toward pro-social causes.

but with all due respect, you are only focusing on the American region,
what about the Asian region? there are lots of different situations in terms of regulation, culture, environment…for example like patents, it is quite difficult for young entrepreneur like me getting accepted by the authority and in my country (I’m not trying to say that i didn’t love my country) the authority doesnt encourage young people to failed…so i little bit envy about your conditions which the country’s authority encourage young entrepreneur to try and faiiriled.

Becoming entrepreneur essays

becoming entrepreneur essays


becoming entrepreneur essaysbecoming entrepreneur essaysbecoming entrepreneur essaysbecoming entrepreneur essays