Apple inc essay

From being the geekiest member of a Shakespearean troupe, to being the most Shakespearean of a geeky troop, Orion brings a different take to tech. With a background in theatrical fisticuffs and swordplay, he is as fast with a quip as a dagger – and will use either, to solve a problem. Occasionally loud, and prone to dramatic turns of phrase, he’s been a geek since he first turned on a TRS-80… and that Macintosh 128K blew his mind! He’s been using Omni software since 2002, and is downright tickled to be part of the team.

Scholarships and college help go a long way, but Apple’s commitment to education does not stop there.  The company goes out of its way to recognize other players in the field of education; like administrators and exceptional teachers.  Corporate dedication to education is evident in the Apple Distinguished Educator Program . The ADE recognizes and rewards outstanding educators from K-12 schools and college campuses, whose commitments to the Apple educational ethos have expanded technical opportunities and for their students.

Apple inc essay

apple inc essay


apple inc essayapple inc essayapple inc essayapple inc essay